The Epsilon Epsilon chapter is both fairly young and very old at the same time. While the Epsilon Epsilon chapter itself is thirty-three years old, the chapter and the General Fraternity have roots over one hundred and fifty years old at the University of Georgia due to the Mystic Seven Secret Society. 

The Epsilon Epsilon chapter at the University of Georgia was sponsored by the Gamma Eta chapter at Georgia Tech. In October of 1983, Boyd Baker and Greg Hunnicutt formed a group of students interested in becoming Betas and held two interviews with the General Fraternity in the dorm, Russell Hall. About six months later, the group of young men was officially granted colony status at a regional workshop in Atlanta. The initiation of our founders took place on May 18, 1984

(Member of the Mystic Seven, Major General John Brown Gordan)

(Member of the Mystic Seven, Major General John Brown Gordan)

Their Numbers include :

EE 1 Kenneth Gregory Hunnicutt

EE 2 James Boyd Baker

EE 3 Ronald Scott Coddington

EE 4 Mark Stephan VanderZouwen

EE 5 Ronald Cartee Lewis

EE 6 Paul Calvin White

EE 7 Michael Joseph Coddington

EE 8 Duffy James Aloysius Dolan

EE 9 David William Smith

We then secured a house at 357 South Milledge Avenue and moved into it during the summer of 1984. We lived there for 15 years until we purchased our current house at 224 South Milledge Avenue, with the help of parents, alumni, and the General Fraternity.

The Georgia colony participated in its first rush in the fall of 1984 and pledged ten men. On Wednesday night, August 6, 1986 at the 147th General Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Georgia colony petitioned and received chapter status. We received the chapter designation of Epsilon Epsilon. Formal installation took place in Phi Kappa Hall on February 7, 1987. 

In our first year as a chapter, the Epsilon Epsilon chapter received the coveted Sisson Award. We are to this day the only chapter that has ever won the Sisson in its first year of existence. 

The Men of Principle Initiative, which revolutionized the fraternity world, has strong ties to our chapter. Jason R. Bennett Georgia ’96 was one of the founding authors of the initiative and our chapter was the first of three chapters to adopt it in 1998.