The Epsilon Epsilon chapter prides itself for having one of the strongest and most helpful advisory teams in all of Beta. These men are the keys to much of the success of the University of Georgia chapter. They are always available and willing to aid us in any possible way. Our advisors truly are the epitome of the say, "Once a Beta, Always a Beta...". Below is a brief description of each advisors role.



Carson Hill - Chapter Counselor & Financial Advisor

The Chapter Counselor has several responsibilities.  The first is working with the President and Exec to establish chapter goals, expectations, and benchmarks, and then providing the resources to assist the chapter in accomplishing them.  He serves as the "quarterback" of the advisory team, serving as the conduit from the exec to the advisory team as well as ensuring that each advisor has the resources necessary to correctly carry out his area of responsibility.  In addition, the Chapter Counselor serves as the conduit from the Chapter to the District Chief, Regional Directors, and the General Fraternity's Administrative Office.

As Financial Advisor, my duty is to support the Chapter's financial base through the Treasurer, providing financial advice as needed, senior guidance in resolving or avoiding problems of money management and observance of Beta best practice standards.  I also endeavor to assure transparency in financial management and regular reports to EE constituencies, acting as mentor to those brothers involved in such matters.   I am also endeavoring to instill the habit of a sinking fund of sufficient size to meet unbudgeted expenses as well as a growing nest-egg for improved housing in the future.


Tom Purinton (Dr. P) - Pledge Education Advisor & Ritual Advisor

As Pledge Education Advisor I work together with the Pledge Educator, his assistant, and the Pledge Committee to ensure that the pledge program runs smoothly and complies with all General Fraternity and University Policies.  In addition to policy compliance my role also entails helping the undergraduates resolve problems with the program that may arise and encourage those responsible for the program to create new and innovative ways of relaying the pertinent information while staying true to the core principles of Beta Theta Pi.


As Ritual Advisor, I work with the Ritual Chairman to ensure that all ceremonies are performed in a timely manner and in accordance with the Ritual Book.  Areas we are working on for next year are advance assignment of parts for all ceremonies, ample practice to improve performances and increase the impact of the ceremonies, and development of post-ceremony reviews to increase understanding of our Ritual.



Kegan Baird- Recruitment Advisor

As the recruitment advisor, I am charged with ensuring an understanding of Beta Theta Pi's expectations amongst undergraduates regarding the recruitment of principled men, facilitating a long term recruitment vision, and providing guidance regarding how to most appropriately pursue these ideas with our recruitment program.  I will also deliver new and innovative ideas from other chapters, and foster the implementation of these programs while providing feedback to the advisor committee and General Fraternity.  Above all else, I wish to serve as a resource to the undergraduates and the recruitment committee in any capacity that I can.